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Est. 2013   A unique mother | daughter UAS pilot team who has been flying together for over 6 years with a 100% flight safety record. In addition to a host of aerial imaging services, 2Drone Gals are ambassadors for the drone community, promoting safe & beneficial use whenever and wherever they fly.  They have been featured on numerous drone websites as well as magazines and books over the years.  They started flying at the dawn of the drone craze and continue today employing drones for unique and diverse projects.  Read more about their story below.

FAA Part 107 Certified | Insured

Meet Kim

Kim brings PRECISION to 2Drone Gals.  She is a former Aerospace Engineer and performs most of the pre-flight/pre-production tasks as well as drone maintenance.  Contingency planning and mission success drive her. Kim began photographing as a hobby in high school.  Her favorite things to shoot are nature, wildlife and landscapes. However, she enjoys flying her drone for commercial applications, showcasing the unique and beneficial uses of the technology especially in her own community.  Be sure and check out the "Services" to see the myriad of drone applications she offers.  Kim is a drone policy advocate promoting reasonable and enforceable drone rules at the local and state level, whenever the need or opportunity arises.   

Meet Makayla

Makayla brings CREATIVITY to 2Drone Gals.  She is an award-winning photographer and director, gaining international recognition when one of her nature photos was published when she was just 10 years old. Makayla purchased 2Drone Gals' first drone, selling the grand prize from a video contest she won, and has been flying the longest.  She is also a talented digital storyteller, transporting audiences to other worlds through her films, documentaries and photographs.  She owns her own full-service production company, MGW Productions, LLC, which offers an eclectic mix of photography/ cinematography services.  Makayla enjoys a good adventure with camera in hand.  She hopes to travel more capturing the world from "Above | Below | Beyond."

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